Based in the heart of Surbiton, Surrey

this friendly, inviting Pilates Studio will offer you a unique insight into the original authentic work of Joseph Pilates. You will receive classical Pilates method instruction from Siobhan Lloyd with clear, easy guidance, whether you’re a beginner, improver or a Pilates pro!

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Classic Mat Pilates

Love mat Pilates? Now try out our Classic mat pilates classes!

Classic mat Pilates is a challenging mat class focused on those intent on increasing their endurance and cardiovascular performance. This mat class provides a more rigorous body conditioning as each exercise connects with the next and will usually take 50 minutes in total.

Private Pilates Sessions

Our private Pilates classes are ideal for beginners.

Private sessions are an effective way to learn Pilates tailored just to your body. The instructor devotes undivided attention to the client’s specific needs and develops a class specific to your optimum results, working with the full range of equipment including the reformer, pilates mat, Cadillac, chair and ladder barrel. The session lasts for 55 minutes and the intensity of the workout is adjusted to the level appropriate for you.

Duet Pilates Sessions

Bring a friend along to train side by side and split the cost!

Duet sessions provide a more economical way of semi-private training, while maintaining most of the advantages of private sessions. The key is to find a partner with a similar fitness level to yours. Duets are also 55 minutes long.

Mat Pilates

All of our mat Pilates classes focus on establishing and reinforcing a strong basic foundation for the fundamentals of Pilates and connection between the powerhouse and the rest of the body.

Beginner Reformer Classes

New to Pilates? Try starting out with reformer classes!

A beginner on reformer should see steady improvements  when taken for a minimum of 10 weeks. You need to establish a firm knowledge of moving and setting up the equipment, knowing how to change your springs, when and why! Most importantly learning to workout safely on spring loaded moving equipment !!

Reformer Based Pilates

Reformer based Pilates is great for those clients who have either taken a minimum of 3-5 private sessions or attended group sessions for reformer classes either here or in other studios. These classes will have a flow and order so be prepared to keep moving.

Pre & Post Natal Clients in ALL classes

We welcome all pre-natal and postnatal women to our Pilates classes.

All of our instructors are trained to assist our pre-natal and postnatal clients in any of our mat and group equipment classes.

The benefits of our mat and group equipment classes for pregnant women are that it gives you a safe, controlled, low-impact activity to keep tone and strength in your body and crucially focus on your skeleton and it's alignment.

Barre Classes

Barre work includes both slow and fast exercises, which both serve to strengthen muscles. Slow exercises are typically performed first, to stretch and warm up muscles, and to focus on proper body form, whereas fast exercises condition dancers to maintain precise ballet technique while moving.

Meet our Experienced Team of Instructors

Experienced Pilates, Yoga & Barre Instructors

Siobhan Lloyd-Davis

Studio Owner & Pilates Instructor

Siobhan is the studio owner and Pilates instructor trained with Body Control Pilates. Siobhan offers mat, classical mat, reformer & private Pilates sessions.


Jaime Rangeley

Yoga Instructor

After several years of teaching Pilates and practicing yoga, Jaime decided to pursue her yoga certification through Yoga Alliance’s approved Yoga Tree San Francisco program so that she could bring the benefits of both to her clients. Jaime is also a Prenatal/Postpartum Exercise & Pilates for Menopause Specialist, and qualified in Myofascial Release.


Sarah Mead

Pilates Instructor

Sarah specialises in mat Pilates. Sarah offers mat Pilates classes on a Monday and Tuesday evening.


Kayleigh Lawrence

Pilates Instructor

Kayleigh swam professionally growing up, trained with Alan Herdmen and is qualified to teach mat and equipment as well as pre and post natal Pilates.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As an avid spinner and runner, the thought of sitting down on a mat for 60 minutes was unthinkable at the start, but Pilates really has transformed my way of looking at exercise and my training routine. I feel stronger, have better posture and better tone… it is all thanks to Surbiton Pilates. Siobhan is an excellent teacher who takes the time to explain everything very clearly and makes Pilates thoroughly enjoyable and great fun, which is surely the main reason why we should exercise! – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Andrea Kibble

Wow, what a boost to Surbiton!! Siobhan’s studio is beautiful. So full of light, wonderful equipment and a fabulous mat-class studio upstairs. Perfect location – 2 hours free parking is an absolute boon, near to the station and very knowledgable and friendly owner. We wish her all the luck in the world and look forward to starting classes!!

Brigitte Tetlow

After losing four stone, and using the gym and attending other classes, my stomach still wasn’t toned at all. I’d heard about Pilates, and a friend suggested we try Siobhan’s mat class together. I found the first class really challenging, but Siobhan was both patient and inspiring so I wanted to keep going back. The teaching is very clear and takes everbody’s level of ability into account.

One class turned into two classes a week, weeks turned into months and now I am seeing a flatter stomach, more awareness of my posture and best of all, even a more defined cleavage!

Siobhan’s classes continue to be friendly, fun and motivating, as she always gives you something else to aim for and her passion for Pilates is totally contagious. I still have so much to learn and a long way to go, but I really look forward to it.

Ceridwen Prowse

After 8 years of taking mat classes with Siobhan I still love Pilates. She is a truly inspirational teacher. Through her deep knowledge and understanding of the body and how Pilates can change and improve your life I have learned to use the skills in the everyday. The classes are always interesting and fun and there is always something new to learn each week!

Sarah Mead