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This friendly, inviting Pilates Studio will offer you a unique insight into the original authentic work of Joseph Pilates. You will receive classical Pilates method instruction from Dorie Taylor with clear, easy guidance, whether you’re a beginner, improver or a Pilates pro!

Dorie came to Pilates by a referral from her Orthopedic Surgeon after having a partial knee replacement to fix an 18 year old injury from Skiing. She was inspired by her amazing first teachers who were all Body Control Pilates Association Teachers here in London

Dorie has done extensive studying for a variety of client special needs some of which are for Parkinson and MS Clients, Breast Cancer, Apparatus Studio Equipment and is currently working on completing her Level 4 credentials for Adaptive Movement through Body Control Pilates.

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Check out the variety of classes we have to offer

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Mat Pilates

All of our mat Pilates classes focus on establishing and reinforcing a strong basic foundation for the fundamentals of Pilates and connection between the powerhouse and the rest of the body.

Reformer Pilates / Studio Equipment

Reformer based Pilates is great for those clients who have either taken a minimum of 3-5 private sessions or have previous experience. These classes will have a flow and order so be prepared to keep moving!

Barre Classes

Barre work includes both slow and fast exercises, which both serve to strengthen muscles. Slow exercises are typically performed first, to stretch and warm up muscles, and to focus on proper body form, whereas fast exercises condition dancers to maintain precise ballet technique while moving.

Private Pilates Sessions

Our private Pilates classes are ideal for beginners.

Private sessions are an effective way to learn Pilates tailored just to your body. Our instructors devote undivided attention to your specific needs and develop a class specific to your optimum results, working with the full range of equipment.

Duet Pilates Sessions

Bring a friend along to train side by side and split the cost!

Duet sessions provide a more economical way of semi-private training, while maintaining most of the advantages of private sessions. The key is to find a partner with a similar fitness level to yours.

Pre & Post Natal Mat Pilates

This class is for clients who have previous Pilates Experience, are in good general health and have Doctor’s permission. It is not for Mothers before 8 weeks after a Normal Delivery and 12 weeks for a Caesarean Delivery. Babies are permitted if secure in a Baby Carrier and not Crawling yet.

HIPP® / Power Pilates

HIP Pilates® 50 (because 50 minutes is enough) is a non-stop class intended for the hard core Pilates fan, who desires a more intense cardio workout without losing the essence of the Pilates principles.
Each session is specifically structured to provide an all over body workout. Progressive choreography is incorporated to improve balance and co-ordination.

Bone Density

Bone Density is a class that has elements of Barre and all exercises are performed with weights. There's a standing part with loads of squats, plies and unilateral work, and a part on the mat which again is mostly performed with weights. This class builds strength in the bones by working on loading muscles with the small weights and is a great way to get stronger bones and more defined muscles.

Jumpboard Pilates

Adding a Jumpboard to our Reformers brings additional plyometric and cardio benefits. The Jumpboard workout will challenge your muscles and your body awareness.
This is not a class for complete beginners; to make the most of it you should be reasonably body-aware, and feel familiar with Reformer exercises.

Meet our Experienced Team of Instructors

Experienced Pilates & Barre Instructors

Dorie Taylor

Studio Owner & Pilates Instructor

Dorie is the studio owner and Pilates instructor trained with Body Control Pilates. Dorie offers mat, reformer & 1:1 and 2:1 private Pilates sessions.


Sarah Mead

Pilates Instructor

Sarah specialises in mat Pilates. Sarah offers mat Pilates classes every Saturday.


Kayleigh Lawrence

Pilates Instructor

Kayleigh swam professionally growing up, trained with Alan Herdmen and is qualified to teach mat and equipment as well as pre and post natal Pilates.


Stephanie Roll

Pilates & Barre instructor

Stephanie has been in the fitness industry for 19 years and is trained in Les mills programmes. More recently she has qualified in barre and is now furthering her training in Pilates and exercise referral.


Lizeth Africano

Pilates instructor

Lizeth is a Body Control certified Pilates instructor who specialises in mat Pilates, standing Pilates and Pilates on the roller.


Barbara-Anna Zatloka

Pilates instructor

Barbara-Anna specialises in mat Pilates and also Pilates using small equipment, all levels from complete beginner to advanced and high intensity Pilates.


Freya Field

Pilates instructor

Freya is a Body Control Pilates Mat work teacher and professional dancer, who has performed in London's West End and internationally.


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