About the studio

How it all began...

I had a big dream and vision in a small(ish) town and the exciting part is that it is happening! I’ve received great advice and help from friends who’ve suggested how to develop my website, manage my books and designing ‘my’ identity. I have also learned that this studio has required more heart, blood, sweat and tears than anything I have ever undertaken in my life besides my family. I do not mind hard work, though, and am thankful every day I have this opportunity to bring what authentic, classical Pilates has given to me into a wider domain.

So, one day, a client of mine says to me “listen, I’ve got some space, do you want it so you can have your own studio?”. The next day “look, take the key and keep it for the weekend. Think about it and let me know.” Many, many days have passed since then. It’s possible that my dreams have been fuelled on the heals of Olympic success and national pride..who knows. All I know is I’m finally here and ready for you.


Surbiton Pilates Studio will offer you a unique insight… opportunity… physical awakening into the original authentic work of Joseph Pilates. You will receive classical Pilates method instruction from Siobhan Davis and clear easy guidance, whether you’re experienced in Pilates of some kind or trying it for the first time.

Pilates has to be a co-operative commitment between teacher and pupil… listen… speak… learn.

As a Pilates professional, I recognise that my personal embodiment of the system provides the foundation for your focus and commitment.

I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing everything that this studio can offer you.