Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never ‘done ‘ a pilates class like yours before, why is there so much variety?

Simply this is a direct consequence of the popularity of the method and supply and demand for classes. Whilst it’s not my intention to comment critically on other ‘modern’ interpretations of Pilates. I can say with complete conviction that generally people admire and love the ‘authentic’ classical work. It enthuses them, inspires them and makes a difference. Which at the end of the day is what its all about.

What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

If I had a pound for every time I’d been asked this question I’d open two studios …I asked my Pilates inspiration Siri Dharma Galliano.

"One is German & one is Hindu. One your eyes are open and thinking about your stomach the other your eyes are closed and you are thinking you are a part of a higher power. One is the lifework of a German man who died 45 years ago, the other got organized 3000 years ago in India. Nothing, absolutely nothing alike... except the natural 'split' in teaching directions... Yoga has evolved  many personality branches in the last twenty years and so has Pilates."

To highlight what we want to offer you here I'd say you will get an introduction into the life work of Joe Pilates original method . Also Ive encouraged more contemporary teaching practice by having other teachers work alongside me !

Who can do Pilates? Can I?

Pilates is suitable for all body types and fitness levels from the highest performing athlete to the recovering post hip operation….pre and post natal mothers..dancers ..singers..humans! Its not rocket science it’s finding mental endurance over bodily matter. I don’t tend to teach children under the age of 12 because few of them have the concentration required, but it can be enormously beneficial for teenagers because it’s at this stage that bad postural habits often creep in.

How do I start?

Sign up as a new client today, by filling out our registration form, popping into the studio or simply telephone us on 0208 399 8996. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long do i get to use my credits

We offer a 'drop-in' class rate across all our offering Mat/Barre/Yoga/Reformer+Equipment/Privates and they're all valid 30days from purchase with 24hour cancel policy if you need to reschedule .

We also offer a block of 10 'bundle' for all Mat/Barre/Yoga/Reformer+Equipment/Privates they're all valid 90days from purchase with 24hour cancel policy if you need to reschedule .


Can I try before I commit to buying classes?

We do not give our precious spaces away for free as we are a small and happy space and our regular clients love coming and they pay! We always allow clients to pay as they go which means you're never out of pocket or pay for classes you cant make. We have set up the studio to respond to the market in a 'fluid' way ...which is as we see it an ever changing busy work/lifestyle led client base that prefers to mange their own bookings week or even day by day 🙂