Barbara-Anna Zatloka

Pilates instructor

Barbara-Anna grew up doing gymnastics, skiing and playing sports she then found her love and passion for fitness here in London. She has been doing Pilates
herself since she was 18! Barbara-Anna has been working as a personal trainer, massage therapist and a group class instructor for over 10 years.

Since then she has has trained with a range of Pilates Institutions including Future Fit, Stott, Balanced Body, Premier Global and Barre Concept! Pilates incorporates correct alignment and re-education of the body, these things are very important to her and in her practice with clients. Her classes are Mondays from 6:30am-12pm and Wednesday 6:30-7:15 am! When not teaching Pilates Barbara-Anna goes to the gym, sees friends for a coffee or visits a new place!