Siobhan Lloyd-Davis

Studio owner and Pilates instructor

My childhood was spent in Yorkshire and Cornwall, walking and water! Never did enjoy surfing myself, only the watching! My family have always been athletic, my father is an asthmatic but back in the day he represented Yorkshire as a county runner! My great Uncle Bill won boxing ‘belts’ including the Lonsdale! And my Grandfather was a medal winning Irish dancer…well it’s time one of the numerous women in my clan stood up to be counted.

I’m a keen gym/keep fit type and began Pilates in 2000 as a way to prevent muscle soreness, injury and back pain caused by weight training and sports such as running, cycling, yoga and bringing up my kids! Although initially I felt intimidated not coming from a dancing career, as many did then, I was determined that it would not stop me learning and teaching.

I wanted to improve my flexibility and become more in control of my movement. I took up Pilates and I could feel the benefits and decided to dedicate more time to understanding the methods taught here in the UK and the USA. I had become totally interested in the art of control and how the biomechanics of our bodies affect activities in our everyday lives.

Soon, discovering the benefits of the Pilates Method in my own body was not enough and I undertook the rigorous training course with Body Control Pilates to become a Pilates Teacher, certified initially to teach the Mat and later Reformer and other equipment. I was fortunate enough to undertake this with teachers such as Miranda Bass, Gordon Thompson and Lynne Robinson.

Since then, I’ve continued to learn and attend the many annual development training events though Body Control Pilates Association and many other external workshops and courses, such as The Pre- Post Natal Pilates certification from The Center For Women’s Fitness based in Toronto. Most recently I trained at New York Pilates with Kathryn Ross Nash and Dorothee Vandewalle, learning inspirational Pilates and excellent self practice… lots of new tricks!

My work has developed in a style that is very traditional, following the disciplined and detailed approach taught by Joseph Pilates, and continued on by the generation of Pilates teachers that follow his work, such as Siri Dharma Galliano and Miranda Bass. Additionally, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet first Generation/Master Teachers Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel at training events here in the UK.

Through my work I see rehabilitation of injury, as well as pre and post pregnancy, also working with athletes, dancers, Mums, Dads and ‘twisted’ teenagers, including two of my own!

Every week I attend Continuing Pilates Education classes to refine my technique. I focus on strengthening the entire body, balance, symmetry and prevention of injury, as well as painless freedom of movement for all my clients. I love Pilates and make it a personal thing, because I really want YOU to love Surbiton Pilates too!


For more than 14 years I have committed myself to the practice of Pilates as a pupil and teacher. I know that to offer something that is going to profoundly benefit others, I have to keep practicing, applying and learning. Not everybody learns by repeating so I go and watch others work and listen and absorb constantly! When I run I think about how Pilates can help others who run, for example. If I have never experienced a problem that a client might have, I will go and find somebody who suffers from a similar problem and learn safe practice with them.

This process of ever expanding my mastery and knowledge has been magnified by opening my own studio as I meet so many different bodies now. Thank you all!

I love art and science and food and champagne as you will discover when you come to my studio 🙂 I like to help my clients on so many levels which is why I keep fruit and water here all the time. I have three daughters whom I love and fuss over and it's such a habit that it spills into my studio life, so please tell me to stop fussing you if it gets too much!