Class Descriptions

Classic Mat Pilates

Love mat Pilates? Now try out our Classic mat pilates classes!

Classic mat Pilates is a challenging mat class focused on those intent on increasing their endurance and cardiovascular performance. This mat class provides a more rigorous body conditioning as each exercise connects with the next and will usually take 50 minutes in total.

Private Pilates Sessions

Our private Pilates classes are ideal for beginners.

Private sessions are an effective way to learn Pilates tailored just to your body. The instructor devotes undivided attention to the client’s specific needs and develops a class specific to your optimum results, working with the full range of equipment including the reformer, pilates mat, Cadillac, chair and ladder barrel. The session lasts for 55 minutes and the intensity of the workout is adjusted to the level appropriate for you.

Duet Pilates Sessions

Bring a friend along to train side by side and split the cost!

Duet sessions provide a more economical way of semi-private training, while maintaining most of the advantages of private sessions. The key is to find a partner with a similar fitness level to yours. Duets are also 55 minutes long.

Mat Pilates

All of our mat Pilates classes focus on establishing and reinforcing a strong basic foundation for the fundamentals of Pilates and connection between the powerhouse and the rest of the body.

Beginner Reformer Course

New to Pilates? Try our beginner reformer course today!

A beginner reformer course should be taken for a minimum of 10 weeks to establish a firm knowledge of moving and setting up the equipment, knowing how to change your springs, when and why!

Reformer Based Pilates

Reformer based Pilates is great for those clients who have either taken a minimum of 3-5 private sessions or attended group sessions for beginner reformer classes either here or in other studios. These classes will have a flow and order so be prepared to keep moving.

Barre Classes

Barre work includes both slow and fast exercises, which both serve to strengthen muscles. Slow exercises are typically performed first, to stretch and warm up muscles, and to focus on proper body form, whereas fast exercises condition dancers to maintain precise ballet technique while moving.

Pre-natal Pilates

We welcome all pre-natal and postnatal women to our Pilates classes.

All of our instructors are trained to assist our pre-natal and postnatal clients in any of our mat and group equipment classes.

The benefits of our mat and group equipment classes for pregnant women are that it gives you a safe, controlled, low-impact activity to keep tone and strength in your body and crucially focus on your skeleton and it's alignment.