Mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Group yoga classes with Rachel

At Surbiton Pilates, we can now offer you the opportunity to begin the practice of Mindful Vinyasa Flow yoga. We want to introduce Rachel's influences and practice to enhance the principles that you experience during your Pilates class; alignment, breathe and flow. It's an excellent opportunity to awaken different sensory feelings and perceptions in your body and posture. The class will be flowing and you will be corrected and encouraged throughout, working in small numbers 1-9 max.

  • Group classes are: Tuesdays 8.05pm-9.05p and Sundays 10.00-11.15am. Book here.

Private yoga with Rachel

We are now offering private yoga classes at the studio with Rachel. Many people choose private one-to-one yoga lessons instead of, or to complement, group classes. Clients enjoy how their practice and wellbeing grows because the classes are tailored to their needs and aims. Rachel’s classes are based on the essence of flow, a physical practice to cleanse and nourish your body-mind and may include breathing exercise and meditation. Classes are held privately in the top-floor studio.

Rachel started practicing yoga in 2006 in the studios of Brighton when looking for a way to chill-out from a high-pressure yet sedentary work life, and to find a way to feel good within herself. She practiced all types of Hatha Yoga (vinyasa flow, ashtanga vinyasa, hot, kundalini, hatha, restorative and yin) and learned Buddhist mindfulness meditation. The joy of moving and breathing, and the calming effect on the body, heart and mind has inspired Rachel's practice and teaching which is drawn from the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Tantrika Yoga and Buddhist mindfulness.

She has 450 hours of teacher training, and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She aims to teach with compassion, and to empower and encourage you to listen to your body’s own wisdom. Each class will be grounding and fluid, with attention to breathing, to encourage a sense of moving meditation, concentration and relaxation. Classes will develop your strength, flexibility and balance. Rachel welcomes everyone to her classes, no matter your age, gender, sexuality, body shape or experience. Rachel says: "I believe in yoga being what it needs to be for you."

As with all our classes, new students will need to register before joining any classes. Please let us know if you are pregnant or post natal.