Things we love ♥

This page is dedicated to products that we use ourselves and love! Our clients often ask us where they can buy various pieces of equipment we use right here in our studio and many of them can be found below for you to buy and use yourself at home!

Charcoal Filter Water Bottle

My wonderful friend gave me one of these for my birthday this year and it's fantastic!


Bio-Kult Advanced Probiotics

I always recommend these to my clients as a way to keep your gut healthy. They are amazing and really help if you've been ill, taken antibiotics or travel a lot.


Pilates Exercise Mat

As used in our studio. Many of our clients comment on how comfortable these mats are, and they truly are!


Pilates Ring Circle

As used in our studio. These rings are commonly used in Pilates to add intensity to floor exercises. Especially useful in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest and even the pelvic muscles.


Pilates Foam Roller

Loosens tight/stiff muscles, increases flexibility, improves posture and core stability and can reduce spinal pain.


Pilates Exer-soft ball

Ideal for pelvic floor exercises, this ball will enhance your workout and help develop strength, endurance and concentration as well as to help promote relaxation and coordination.


Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology

No better source of information and facts than reading Joe's own words yourself!


Live Right for Your Type

I'm blood group A- and have found this book to be full of useful gems!