Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Many people lump yoga and Pilates into the same exercise category. While they both emphasize the body-breath connection and utilize low-impact movements on a mat, they are totally distinct practices rooted in very diverse histories.

Pilates started as the life’s work of Joseph Pilates, who began to develop his Method around the time of the First World War before opening a studio in New York in the 1920's. He called it “Contrology.”  His studio soon attracted the city's elite actors, dancers and athletes who found that his exercises perfected and completed their traditional programme and catered for their individual needs - building strength without adding bulk, balancing that strength with flexibility and achieving harmony between mind and body.

Yoga originated in South Asia thousands of years ago. It has spread into many different locations and evolved with many different cultures. Today, there are many different types of yoga, including Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Vinyasa. In yoga, spirituality is inextricably intertwined into the practice. If you find a spiritual connection to Pilates, that’s great, but it’s not necessary.

Do you teach “classical” Pilates? What does that mean?

The “classical” Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates is the starting point of our work, but we are open to modern adaptations to serve our clients best.  Individualised attention to our clients is at the core of what we do, so if one of the classical exercises suits you best, that is what we will do. But if you need an adaptation to make the exercise work for you (or even to make it more difficult!), that is what we will do.

Who can do Pilates? Can I?

If you are 16 or over, Pilates at Surbiton Pilates Studio is likely suitable for you.  Pilates works for all body types and fitness levels and we can adapt a program for all from high-performing athletes to those recovering from a knee or hip operation.  In fact, I started Pilates as part of my recovery from a partial knee replacement. If you have concerns about whether or not your physical condition would prevent you from performing Pilates, please check with your doctor.  In addition, do let us know about any injuries or issues you have so that we can make adaptations for you if needed.

How do I start?

Sign up as a new client today, by filling out our registration form, popping into the studio or call us on 0208 399 8996. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long do I get to use my passes?

We offer single use passes for all of the classes at the Studio.

You can schedule ahead of time on our website, but you need to give 48 hours-notice if you need to change your booking.

Do you offer a free class to start?

Sorry, we don’t.  We know that it can be very frustrating to purchase a gym membership that you never use but still have to pay for.  That is why we always allow you to pay as you go and only purchase what you know you want to attend. If you want to give it a try, we suggest that you purchase a single use pass and schedule a class or contact us today and we can discuss what is right for you.