Joye Ghosh

Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

Joya holds diplomas in holistic massage therapies, Pilates mat work and reformer Pilates, as well as training in heath psychology. This latter component gives her a strong appreciation of the biological and psychological component of health and wellness.

Having worked in the corporate sector as a therapist successfully treating neck back and shoulder pain in desk workers, she evaluates your unique muscle and energetic imbalances and blockages. She will hand pick from a selection of massage techniques that will be chosen for what is needed to release your knots and blockages with the end result of quickly alleviating the physical and energetic source of pain, whilst taking you on a journey to lengthen and strengthen your muscles with the appropriately selected pilates exercise.

Her work is complemented by an understanding of the bodies meridian systems and he work aims to promote renewal and regeneration within the musculoskeletal system.

Sessions with Joya are a holistic experience that will prime your body to become pain free, allowing you to get more from your pilates sessions and develop the purity of line technique and form, as it was intended by Joseph Pilates.