Ballet Classes

No prior experience is necessary.

Adult Classes

Adult Ballet class is designed for adults who wish to begin the study of classical ballet.

Class will consist of initial stretching, barre exercises that focus on proper alignment as well as the steps which foster core and leg strength and flexibility.

The center work will introduce elementary steps, simple jumps, as well as turns. Corner is based on simple steps and walking.

Children's classes will be taught during term-time.

Ages 5-7 years old

Dancers from 5 up to 7 years will learn about music, movement, coordination, spatial relations, and the basics of ballet.

They will spend time at the ballet barre and in the centre of the room learning the positions of the arms and feet, as well as, learning basic ballet steps.

Dancers will also be taught to travel from one corner of the room to the next by way of basic turns, jumps, and leaps.

They will know the names of several ballet steps and positions and will maintain proper ballet etiquette in class.

Ages 7-12 years old

Dancers from 7 up to 12 years will begin class with floor stretches specific to developing strength in their feet.

Dancers will then go to the ballet barre and learn basic steps and positions, which will be combined to create simple combinations. They will be taught about maintaining correct posture, which in ballet, involves everything from the feet up through the top of the head.

After leaving the barre, dancers will continue stretching, working the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and back muscles. They will learn the names of the steps and what they mean in the French language.

Corner work will combine two or more steps which travel across the floor.