Equipment we use


As a teacher, the reformer is a great piece for looking at how the body moves, aligns itself under spring tension and responds to being within a ‘frame’. I haven’t yet had a single person that hasn’t fallen in love with this workout! Bring all your mat Pilates alive on here. Gain the benefits of weight bearing exercises without the impact on your joints. Exercises are done lying down, sitting, standing, pulling straps, upside down & sideways. It really is universally designed to universally challenge.


The mat is the most basic piece of apparatus used in the Pilates method. It is the foundation of all the Pilates exercises, which aims to work the powerhouse. The system can be enhanced by progressing to the equipment and then bringing all you have felt and learned back to your mat! It is economical because exercises do not require specialized equipment.

Combo Chair

The Chair was historically designed by Joseph Pilates for his wife Clara to help correct her postural alignment. It enables greater balance and control of the body, utilizing the specific use of the powerhouse, legs, arms and gluteus muscles. The chair is a stepping-stone to more advanced Pilates work. It is an extremely versatile addition for pregnant women as they progress through each trimester and lying down becomes more difficult. The chair offers the perfect alternative workout for the arms, legs and overall posture, whilst being seated.

Spine Corrector

For regular clients the spine corrector is normally used at the end of a session to work on specific issues in the body but it’s also fun to use it for a whole workout. Old exercises can feel new again. The spine corrector works the whole body while opening the hips, chest, shoulders and neck. Also we use them during pregnancy to allow a comfortable stretch lying over the arc into extension.


Balls of all shapes and sizes specifically used to enhance alignment, flow, balance and extension movements for your spine. We want to add as much value to your experience and learning as we can and by adding these simple tricks you will do just that.

Note: Please advise us if you think you may be sensitive to latex.


Physio resistance bands are a popular addition these days, lots of people keep one or two at home as they are so wide spread and well documented. You will have access to a variety of different 'resistance' bands to assist you in arm work, muscle stretching, support, rehabilitation and many more aspects to help you work during Pilates.

Pilates Rings

You will get to experience the wonder of this very simple prop as soon as you join Surbiton Pilates. It is a great tool for ‘feeling’ the connection. Experiencing adduction and abduction in your body, so that we can educate muscles that you had no idea you had, let alone used previously. Or we simply add this powerful little piece to an already learnt repertoire and have even more fun.

Ladder Barrel

The Ladder and other barrels, both large and small, are used to enhance breathing and develop both the arms and legs. Some often refer to it as the 'spine corrector'. The Ladder Barrel is used to work the spine to help correct the posture and movement whilst adding a huge challenge to the client's own physical strength and mobility. It has no springs attached… pardon the pun!


The Cadillac uses springs to provide resistance exercises mainly used for stretching, articulating and stabilizing the spine. The mat table base is constructed from solid wood, and beautifully finished with lapped and fitted joints for maximum stability. The Pilates Cadillac is an extremely versatile piece of Pilates equipment and like all other pieces of Pilates equipment can be used to progress and regress movement in order to address the functional needs of the advanced client and the beginner Pilates enthusiast.