Payment Bundles & Prices

Payment bundles & Prices

We offer many payment options to make learning Mat, Reformer and Barre as fun for you as it is for us! To help you get organised and booked up why not invest in a block of 10 ! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Private 1:1, Duet, Trio and Groups of Four

Don't see a private session on the timetable that suits you? We are now offering 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 private classes available on request. Please contact the studio directly and we will aim to offer you a slot at your earliest convenience.

Payment FAQs

What is our cancellation policy?

Strictly 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for a missed class or private.

Do we give refunds?

Strictly no refunds given.

Late fees

Teachers have the option of charging an additional late fee onto any of our Private, Duet, Trio or Quad sessions.

Buy online

To purchase a single class or a bundle of classes simply and securely, please use the form below.

Please note: You will receive an email confirming your purchase but your credits may not show up in your account immediately.

Gift Vouchers

We are now offering Pilates gift vouchers which you can purchase below, simply by selecting "This is a gift" and selecting the bundle you wish to buy for a friend or loved one. You can pick up your gift voucher from our studio, simply add the credits directly to their account or print it off here!


10% Concession Rate on Mat Pilates, Barre & Reformer Pilates for over 60s and Students with Valid ID.

All of our drop-in classes expire after 30 days and our 10 x passes expire after 90 days. To view our full timetable please click here.
If you have any questions, one of our qualified team is always happy to help, contact us here.

Mat Pilates classes

All these classes have a maximum of 9 people per class.

Pre and Post Natal Mat Pilates

All welcome to attend any of our beginner's Mat Pilates classes if you are in good health and have your doctor's permission.

Drop-in Mat Pilates £15
60+/Student Drop-in Mat Pilates/Barre (10% off) £13.50
10 x Mat Pilates £135
5 x Mat Pilates & 5 x Reformer Pilates £180
Barre classes

All these classes have a maximum of 9 people per class.

Drop-in Barre £15
60+/Student Drop-in Mat Pilates/Barre (10% off) £13.50
Reformer Pilates / Studio Equipment

All these classes have a maximum of 4 people per class.

Drop-in Reformer Pilates £24
60+/Student Drop-in Reformer Pilates (10% off) £21.60
Senior Introduction to Reformer Pilates (25 mins) £14
10 x Reformer Pilates £215
60+/Student 10 x Reformer Pilates (10% off) £195
5 x Mat Pilates & 5 x Reformer Pilates £180
Private Tuition

All our private sessions can be taken as Mat or Reformer Pilates. Prices are for the full amount and can be divided between your group if taking a duet, trio or quad class.

Drop-in Private Pilates £60
10 x Private Pilates £550
Drop-in Duet Pilates (2 people) £65
10 x Duet Pilates (2 people) £600
Trio Private Pilates (3 people) £75
10 x Trio Pilates (3 people) £600
Quad Private Pilates (4 people) £85
Mindfulness & Meditation

A Mindful Journey guided through Breath exercises to calm the mind, release negativity and find a sense of peace. An opportunity to meet like minded people and have a chance to take care of yourself.

Drop-in Mindfulness & Meditation £17
6 x Mindfulness & Meditation £100
Private Healing & Meditation £50
6 x Private Healing & Meditation £275
Ballet Classes

Taught by Cristina Galbiati our brand new ballet classes will run every Thursday during school term time for children and every Saturday for adults.

*20% off* Ballet Class Introduction Pass £12
8 x Ballet Classes (ages 5-7 years old) £105
8 x Ballet Classes (ages 7-12 years old) £105
10 x Adult Ballet Classes £105
Pre / Post Natal Mat Pilates

All these classes have a maximum of 5 people per class.

Drop-in Pre/Post Natal Mat Pilates £18 £14.40
10 x Pre/Post Natal Mat Pilates £155 £124